Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


  • Addiction is a multi faceted illness – including physical, psychological, psycho-social, emotional and spiritual aspects, and that all of these must be addressed in primary treatment.
  • The whole family/significant other(s) is seriously affected by the addiction and are encouraged to participate in the family program.
  • There is a need to ensure positive changes in the family system.
  • A multidisciplinary approach is necessary to holistically meet the needs of the person with an addiction.


Treatment goals include:

  • Lifelong abstinence from alcohol and other mood-altering, addictive substances and behaviours together with an unimpaired, satisfying, comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle.
  • Addictive disease education and client awareness that they are responsible for their own recovery.
  • Full understanding of the serious disorder of chemical and/or behavioural addiction and the accessing of tools to ensure ongoing recovery and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Understanding the “family illness”. The client is made aware of how addictive disease has impacted the whole family.

The primary treatment process takes place over 4 to 8 weeks dependent on assessment outcome.

The treatment process starts with a detailed assessment and, if necessary, detoxification under medical supervision.  The mainstay of treatment is professionally-led group therapy with individual counselling and an educational program, which reinforces the recovery process.

The ACS unit promotes a therapeutic community and clients are encouraged to help one another, thereby helping themselves.