The Lifestyle Program


Continued Support After Treatment.

The Aftercare Program


Addiction Counselling Services is proud to offer an extensive aftercare program to promote a lasting recovery after your successful treatment, and a weekend family program to help family and significant others get the support they need during this process.

The Aftercare Program runs for 52 weeks and involves weekly group sessions along with individual counselling.

This program provides necessary support for you to maintain your newly found freedom from addiction.

Participants are supported by our trained counsellors and allied health professionals as you continue your experience in the real world, rejoining your families and the work force.

Addiction Counselling Services attributes much of our extraordinarily high success rate to the aftercare Lifestyle Program, which supports participants in your new addiction-free lifestyle.

Activity Schedules are designed so that you can continue to work and meet your family responsibilities, while continuing your successful recovery.

The ACS Investment

Addiction Counselling Services (ACS) is 100% committed to the complete recovery of persons affected by Addictive Disorders.

All of our programs are run by some of Australia’s very best, highly qualified health care professionals and we are unique in our offerings in Australasia.

Although our programs see high demand, participation levels are strictly limited to make sure that each individual’s needs are met, and we can continue to deliver personalized, professional care.

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