Frequently Asked Questions.

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How long have you been in business?
Since 1994, Addiction Counselling Services has successfully helped countless individuals and their families/significant others overcome their addictive disorders and go on to live an abstinence based, healthy lifestyle.
Where are you located?
Located an easy drive from Adelaide, South Australia, in the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula, ACS is nestled between the charming townships of Clarendon and  McLaren Vale, on a tranquil and secluded forty acre property. The Manor Born Program of Addiction Counselling Services operates from a stately Manor house surrounded by tranquil bushland and lush pastures, offering a supportive environment for those in need of recovery or recuperation.
What is the cost of the program?

Addiction Counselling Services provides effective treatment at a competitive rate with no “hidden” costs.

  • Manor Born In-patient Program 6, 8, or 12 weeks. – $3300 per week
  • Manor Born Day Program – 12 weeks. – $1650 per week
  • Lifestyle Program (Individual) – 52 weeks. – $110 per session
  • Lifestyle Program (Group) – 52 weeks. – $55 per session
  • Comprehensive Assessment. – 2 hours. – $220
  • Individual Counselling – 1 hour. – $110
  • Legal Report – 2 hours. – $220

Fees are due weekly with a two-week deposit required to commence the program. *All costs shown include GST.

Is there a wait list?
Our waitlists are constantly fluctuating. For accurate information, please contact our admissions department.
What kinds of addiction do you treat?
Addiction Counselling Services specializes in treating alcoholism, however, in our more than twenty years in operation, we have recognised and continue to treat the associated addictions including Drug Addiction, and Process Addictions such as Eating Disorders, Sex Addiction, Shopping Addiction, Internet Addiction (including Pornography), Gambling Addiction, etc. Addiction Counselling Services has expert Clinical Staff who specialise in these areas and assist clients to recognize these unhealthy behaviours as part of an addiction.
How is my privacy protected?
Confidentiality is crucial to your success at Addiction Counselling Services. We are a completely confidential environment and take extensive measures to ensure your privacy is protected.
Can I bring my car?

No, we do not allow personal vehicles during the program. We will provide transport where required (appointments, local shopping, gym, etc).

What is the facility like?
Addiction Counselling Services operates the Inpatient, Day Patient and Family Programs from a stately Manor house, surrounded by 40 acres of pasture and tranquil bushland – an ideal retreat for recuperation/recovery.  It consists of 7 bedrooms, 3 kitchens, 5 bathrooms, two lounges, main kitchen and family/program room.
Does Medical Benefit Coverage pay for the Program?
Addiction Counselling Services does not access Medical Benefit Funding.  It is a private, fee for service organisation.
What is the average patient age?
Addiction Counselling Services is an adult facility and provides treatment to clients 19 years of age and over.
What is included in the treatment?

Our Manor Born residential treatment program provides:

  • Assessment, diagnosis and treatment for addictive disorders
  • Individualised care with length of stay determined by the individuals progress
  • Abstinence-based treatment and the fundamentals of the Individuation Program(s)
  • Nutrition guidance and supervised fitness
  • Extensive aftercare planning
  • On-going aftercare support
  • Recovery monitoring is available through the majority of our aftercare providers.
What can I bring with me?
To assist you in packing for your stay with us, your admissions co-ordinator will give you a check list for a list of what to bring and what not to bring.
Can I make phone calls, receive mail or have visitors?
Please discuss our Guidelines for Family Involvement with your Admissions Co-ordinator for more information on what is and is not permitted during your stay at Addiction Counselling Services.
What are the 12 steps?
The Manor Born Inpatient Program is a complete, seven days a week program requiring a commitment every day – consisting of group therapy, lectures, individual counselling, psychological evaluations, peer and self-assessments, as well as conferences with family and referral sources. A twelve-step program is a set of guiding principles outlining a course of action for recovery from addiction, compulsion, or other behavioural problems. Fundamentals of the 12 Steps are incorporated throughout all of our programs.
Is public funding available?
Addiction Counselling Services is a private fee-for-service facility with no public funding available. See fee schedule below.
How long is the program?
Addiction Counselling Service’s inpatient program averages 8-12 weeks. Our residential Extended Care Program provides additional treatment up to one year, with average stays ranging 30-120 days.
Will my family be involved?
We understand the challenges of having a family member in The Manor Born Treatment Program. We make every effort to include family through counsellor contact, family conferences, and open communication regarding patient progress. The family will be contacted within the first few days of admission. In addition, family members are provided the opportunity to participate in our Family Education Sessions.
How do I apply for admission?
Addiction Counselling Services Admissions Coordinators are ready to provide help and information for you and your family during this time. An Admissions Coordinator will speak with you, either by attending a two hour comprehensive assessment process or a 2 hour phone assessment to determine your specific situation, addiction history, and health status. Admission requests can be made by individuals, families, physicians, psychiatrists, referral agents and concerned others. Please contact our admissions department at +61 8 8383.7113 or 0417.803.043.
How is my privacy protected?
Confidentiality is crucial to your success at Addiction Counselling Services. We are a completely confidential environment and take extensive measures to ensure your privacy is protected.
Are there private rooms?
The philosophy of Addiction Counselling Services is based on the belief that patients must learn new behaviours in order to help them understand the disease of addiction. In most cases individuals suffering from this disorder have learned to isolate and hide what they are feeling. Their efforts to maintain their addiction usually distances them from family, friends, counsellors and peers. The isolation of addiction occurs as their involvement with the substances they use becomes an obsession that blocks out real relationships with family and friends, counsellors and peers. As the disease progresses, chemically dependent individuals find the company of people too painful, or too intrusive to bear. While at Addiction Counselling Services, the rooms are individual and private, all patients are expected to take part in peer interaction to allow them to learn how to interact and avoid the use of isolation to help deal with the addictive behaviours.
Can I bring my mobile phone?

Mobile phones are not permitted. We also do not allow tablets or other digital devices during the program.