5 Stages of Recovery

5 Stages of Recovery

We provide support in a safe, secure and professional environment

Each participant is individually catered for within the structured programs.

Stage 1: Assessment

We undertake a comprehensive assessment incorporating the following tools: SASSI, DSM4, psycho-social assessment, drug and alcohol assessment, emotional assessment, AUDIT (Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test) and gambling and sex addiction screening – DSM4 – Diagnostic Criteria for pathological gambling.

Stage 2: Orientation & Stabilization

The Manor Born is a Manor House, surrounded by tranquil bushland – an ideal retreat for recuperation/recovery.   Each resident enjoys the comfort of their own room with a program tailor made to support their healing.   The Manor offers an environment in which you will experience the comforts of home.

Stage 3: The Manor Born Program

Our Inpatient Program provides a high level of support in a caring, live-in environment.

This customised 4 – 8 or 12 week program has been structured with clinical pathways to formulate change. The program offers flexibility and convenience and is designed to support clients to manage work and meet family commitments while undergoing treatment, thus minimising lifestyle disruption.  Should Business Commitments make it difficult for the client to attend the Inpatient Program, arrangements may be discussed with the Director of the Program and every effort will be made to assist the client to be able to conduct a limited amount of Business within a commensurate with their Business requirements.  However, the primary requirement is that the client be supported to attain and maintain an abstinence based lifestyle through participation in the Manor Born Program.

Stage: – Day Program

An 8 – 12 week program specifically designed for those clients whose detoxification from chemicals and/or behavioral addiction(s) has been completed enabling the client to attend the Day Program with a cognitively capable capacity to travel to and from their abode.  The Program operates between the hours of 10 00am and 3.30pm Five Days per Week Monday to Friday.

Stage 5: Core Treatment – Family Program

A program specifically designed to provide an opportunity for the primary client to work with their family/significant others towards establishing an informed, supportive recovery environment.

Stage 6: Continuing Care

Weekly group participation following discharge from the above programs. These meetings are held weekly for a period of 52 weeks, with follow up telephone calls and regular progress evaluations.

Addiction Counselling Services can provide a variety of programs tailored specifically to suit the requirements of the individual.


  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Interactive Lectures
  • Medically Supervised Withdrawal
  • Video Presentations
  • Anger Management
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Grief Counselling
  • Trans-personal Counselling
  • Gender Groups
  • Co-Dependency Groups
  • Trauma and Crisis Counselling
  • Individual Counselling
  • Interactive Group Therapy